Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Why Haven’t I Made Any Money Online Yet? : UPDATE!!!

My previous post on “Why Haven’t I Made Any Money Online Yet?” didn’t really get into any of the bigger more specific reasons. So here are the top 7 reasons you are most likely not making money online. You can use this post for reference as well as the other one.

1. You're not motivated AKA you’re lazy! You need to take action and put in some effort if you want to make money online. You can't just create your blog, post some ads on it and leave it alone. You need to promote it and keep on adding content to get interested people coming to your site every day! Motivate yourself! Don't you want nice things? Don't you want money in your pockets? Don't you want to be able to do anything and go anywhere you want, whenever you want to? Use those ideas to motivate yourself and get up off your lazy behind. Do something about it! Successful business owners online did it and so can you!

2. Your blog topic may be targeting the wrong audience. Look to my previous post for more information: Why Haven’t I Made Any Money Online Yet?

3. You need more than one source of income. Putting up Google AdSense ads and hoping that people will come to your site and click on them isn't enough income to begin with. You not only need to advertise but you need to sell something as well. If you're going to sell something why not become an affiliate marketer? Just make sure you're joining the right Affiliate Marketing Program and not falling for some type of scam out there. You could also create your own product and sell that as well as put up CPC ads. (CPC ads are good ways for you to make money, letting other companies advertise on your website.)

4. You keep buying those money making systems aka e-books that claim they can make you tons of money over night. Making a thousand dollars in just one night is possible; however, it's not going to happen to you right away. All of the e-books you buy have one thing in common; they all give you common sense methods on how to make money online, how to promote your blog and how to maximize your audience to the fullest. You can find this information anywhere on the internet for free. Buying an e-book about how to make money online is a scam, people! Like I said to my co-worker/ business mentor; "If you're buying something you could have found for free somewhere else, you're being scammed!" It's true that the e-book methods work, but just knowing how to make the money isn't going to make you the money. As I said before, you have to take action!

5. You can’t expect to make BIG money without spending a little. You’re going to come across a time in which you'll need to pay for a couple site promotion expenses. For example, your site may need a new layout, a different style to attract more visitors; you may have to hire someone to make that happen. If you're a site programmer and you know how to do that stuff than great for you! You won’t have to spend any money on that sort of thing. But most serious business owners will spend some money in order to make more money. It's like investing in something that will benefit you in the future and there is nothing wrong with that. Even the people who claim that they've been making money without spending money have actually spent money. Have you ever heard of the phrase "Time Is Money"? The people that made money without spending money invested their time which is money! To simplify it folks, you can't expect to make money online if you're not spending time or money.

6. You lack focus and you're impatient! You can't be super excited and energetic to promote your blog one day and the next day you're slow and lazy and thinking about quitting. You won’t make money with that mind set, people! You've got to be enthusiastic about it every day! Get your spirits up and tell yourself every morning, "It’s going to happen, just be patient!" My co-worker/business mentor, Earl Hay comes into work every day and shouts to all of his co-workers "ARE YOU EXCITED? LETS GET EXCITED!" when he gets people to say it with him it actually cheers people up. It fans out the gloominess in the work place and gets people happy. It's an encouragement to me and I find myself getting excited about my own online business. It makes me want to come home and try even harder to make my online business a success! Remember to have patience. Patience is a virtue.

7. You're closed minded and you won’t open up to new ideas. This was what my problem was. I was so skeptical about everything around me, every e-mail I opened, every advertisement that popped up on my screen. I was always on the lookout for scams, so much that I even thought the legitimate stuff was a scam. I would come up with ideas in my head that could possibly prove the legitimate stuff was a scam. When I realized this, I tried to change my mind set to think a little bit more positive. I've opened my mind to the idea that I need to sell in order to make money. So now I'm formulating some new ideas for a product that doesn't repeat the ideas of someone else.

Be more creative, keep an open mind, make an effort, have patience and get motivated! Keep these five things in mind when trying to make money with your own blog. Happy Blogging!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

You Can't Make Money Online With Only One Source Of Income

It has come to my attention that the only source of income I have established for myself is from blogging and a couple of other sites I don't really interact with daily, however, are accumulating small amounts of cents a day for my occasional participation. A co-worker/ business mentor of mine showed me a video that opened my eyes to something I had completely shut out in order to protect my fellow readers. More than half way through the video I had an epiphany. I realized I can't make real money online from blogging alone. It is said that every successful online business has at least 3-4 sources of income. I'm sitting here with only 1 and a half (this blog and half of the other blog called "Cherish").

After realizing this I pondered about it at work for a long while. I thought of all the things I could possibly do to make more money online. I though about how all the successful business owners made their money. And then it hit me; I wasn't making as much money online because I wasn't selling anything. Think about it, take a look even! You'll notice that everyone who's got a site or blog and is trying to make money off of it is selling some sort of product. They could be part of an affiliate program. (Affiliate Programs are a way for you to sell another company's products or services and receive a commission. [or when you are ready, it is a way for you to get others to sell your products]) The reason I have never suggested selling a product through your blog until now is because I myself could never find a program to trust. Everywhere I look I've been observing with caution and believing that everything is a scam until proven legitimate in my own eyes.

So now I'm thinking to myself, "how can I generate a couple more sources of income without buying one of those e-books that teaches you common sense methods on how to make money through your blog?" The answer is actually pretty simple. I stick to my guns and I focus on how to make money without spending money by doing my research and acquiring this common sense knowledge. You don't have to test products to gain experience. In other words you don't have to buy all of those e-books to learn how to make money online. No matter what e-book or what program you purchase money isn't going to flood into your bank account just because you know how to make money online. You must ACT on what you know! Take action and apply the things you've learned to your own blog. The methods taught to you in e-books can be found anywhere on the internet for free. All you've got to do is look in the right places.

I know I said you can't make real money just by blogging. This is true. I kept this from my readers because I thought selling would be like scamming. However, it's not a scam if you're selling something that you can't get somewhere else for free. So here is what I suggest to my readers: create your own product. Make sure it's something unique and unlike anyone else's product. Come up with your own ideas and sell them through your blog. Don't take someone else's product, not even knowing what it's about and try to sell it. You wont make money that way. You must build credibility first. I'll talk about this more in my next post. Happy Blogging Everyone!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Freebie Incentive Sites: Good or Bad? You Decide.

Have you ever come across those online rewards programs that offer you money, rewards, gifts and prizes just for signing up to offers on other sites? Did you ever get the feeling they were too good to be true? So did I! The truth is these sites have their pros and cons so they're not entirely good and they're not entirely bad sites either. It all depends on how you look at them. There are two sites that I've promoted before that encourage you to complete offers in order to earn money online in a previous post called Make Money Without Spending Money- Tip #2: GPT Sites (InboxDollars & CashCrate), but those aren't the only ways to earn money on those sites AND most of the offers I have completed did not require me to use a credit card so I would not consider them scams. What I'm trying to get at is; not all freebie incentive sites are scams. Lets break down how they work in order to understand it better.

Freebie incentive sites are basically ways for companies to gain access to new customers for their products. Freebie incentive sites advertise the products of sites that want more recognition and customers to their members by offering rewards and prizes. This means the freebie incentive site will post offers that their members may complete in order to earn points towards a prize of their choice. This gives the members a chance to try out new products while they earn points towards their awaited prize from the freebie incentive site.

How are the Freebie incentive sites earning their money?
They are being paid by companies that post their ads and products on the freebie incentive site.

How are the companies getting paid?
The companies get paid when you, a member of the freebie incentive site, become their customer by trying out one of their offers.

What's in it for me?
The chance to rack up on points toward your own cool gadgets while trying out products from new companies.

Sounds good right?

WARNING!: The following information provides the CONS is signing up to freebie incentive sites.

1. While the freebie incentive site may be promising to keep your privacy and information confident, other sites and offers that you sign up to may not do the same. You are held responsible for any information released to other sites and companies. Make sure to read the privacy policy of the offers you are signing up to when the freebie incentive site directs you to another page.

2. Just because an offer says "FREE" doesn't mean it's free. Some offers may lead you to a page where you must put in your credit card information in order to sign up for a free trial. If you do not wish to pay the full amount of something after the free trial is up you must remember to CANCEL IT! This is how people who sign up to offers get tagged with a bill they were trying to avoid. If you don't cancel it by the time the free trial is up, the offer ends up not being so free at all.

3. Only sign up to offers you know you can trust. Companies like Netflix, Discover and GameFly are trusted sites that everyone will complete offers for if they're interested. When you sign up to offers from companies you trust you're not only getting great products from that company but you're trusting that company with your information and there is less of a chance that your information and identity will be stolen. DO NOT give out your credit card information to a company you do not trust.

Remember; It's always good to check out the Better Business Bureau when you're considering signing up to one of these freebie incentive sites or its offers. You know they're trusted when they've got the official Better Business Bureau Accredited Business Logo and Site Rating at the bottom of their page or you go to the Better Business Bureau Site and look up a site's rating.

Here is a Freebie Incentive sites trusted by the Better Business Bureau:

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